Burger Wrap Sliders!


So you wonder how my paleo challenge has been going?!…Basically I eat tons of eggs, veggies, fruit and meat. Not always too exciting to photograph my everyday meals. Except for tonight…Behold! Burger Slider Wraps!
Onions,Fresh guacamole, lettuce, bacon and beef! Nuff Said…do it!



Crustless Quiche


I LOVE Breakfast Foods! One of my favorites is Quiche! That buttery flakey crust, eggs, cheeesssseee! Well scratch most of that…we are making a paleo friendly breakfast food to spice up your options in the morning. Best part…we are going to pre portion out our quiches using cupcake tins! Why’s better than quiche? MINI Quiche!

Egg Base Ingredients:
6 eggs-organic
1-1/2 Cups Coconut Milk
Sea Salt, Pepper, cayenne powder, other spices you enjoy…

Filling Options:
Go crazy! Chop up your favorites!
I used:
Cooked Ham/Bacon-organic

Mix all ingredients in egg base in a large bowl. I used a food processor (my new favorite kitchen tool!). Set aside.

Grease your cupcake tins (makes 12) with olive oil or grassfed butter. Layer all filling ingredients first! Then pour egg base mixture over the chopped filling items.

Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Sprinkle with a little more sea salt to taste. Delish!





Do you Yucca?!


Do you know what yucca is? Well neither do I! Haha…But, I grew up eating it in Puerto Rico. Basically it’s a root vegetable similar to potatoes. You peel the skin and cut in cubes or sticks like seen in my photos. Boil in water just like a potato and drain the first round of dirty water then boil again with fresh water until its soft enough for a fork to go through. Drain then sauté with some olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt and onions. Yummmm! Potatoes got nothing on these bad boys!

Overall, paleo life has been good. So far I’ve stood still at my 5lb weight loss. The weekends are my biggest challenge. Went to a couple events that served non paleo friendly foods…and…well I wasn’t prepared. In order to keep honest I will say I had some delicious sweets and probably more wine than I should. Brownies and macaroons, you made my weekend extra fabulous. But I will not let my little sugar rush get the best of me…I will win!

Paleo Rican





Platano Maduros-Paleo


Woah people….Day 8 and this paleo challenge is still going strong. With the exception of some wine I had on Friday…and…Sunday. But lets not talk about that ;). On Mother’s Day we had a huge Puerto Rican Party at my parents. Which included lots of Puerto Rican food…oh brother…I managed to avoid the yellow rice and beans, bread, potato salad and macaroni salad…so what did that leave me with? Plantains, Salad and pork…not complaining, must have been the wine 🙂

And for dessert…I made a delicious sweet banana treat…this is great with a plantain or regular banana….just bursts of flavor 🙂

1 Ripe Plantain (yellow/brownish color)
1 Tblsp coconut oil
1/2 Tbsp pure maple sirup
Pinch of salt

Unpeel the ripe plantain. Place on piece of foil (enough to wrap banana). Drizzle coconut oil and maple sirup over banana. Add cinnamon to liking and a pinch of salt. Wrap banana in foil and place in metal pan. Advice: make more than one and store 🙂

Bake at 350 degrees until cooked and enjoy! (I forgot how long…bad idea I know…I think it was around 25 mins) I will update when I make it again!

Paleo Rican



Gooey Apple Bites-Paleo


I love caramel apples and I came up with this as a warm take-off of one of my favorite apple treats. Perfect for the Fall or ANYtime of year!


2 Tbsp Butter
2 Apples, sliced
1 Tbsp Molasses
1 Tbsp Pure Maple
2 tsp All Spice
2 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 Lemon, Squeezed
1/4-1/2 cups Walnuts, Chopped

Heat Skillet to medium heat, add butter. After butter has melted, add apple slices. Mix in the remaining ingredients while skillet is still on medium heat. Fold all ingredients together to coat apples. Apples will be slightly soft when ready.

Serve warm! Now if I only had some paleo vanilla ice cream to pair it with…Enjoy!


4 LBS in 4 DAYS!…Say Whaaat?


Yes…my headline does not lie. I weighed myself last night and I’ve lost four pounds in only 4 days of clean eating!

Height: 5′-8.5″
Day 1 Weight: 171.8 lbs (lots of muscle in there people)

Day 4 Weight: 168.8 lbs

Basically I’ve been following baseline paleo and went to crossfit Monday and Wednesday so far this week. This is a big deal to me as I’ve mostly been maintaining my weight while crossfitting and eating what I wanted. For the record, yes, my body was transforming and toning up but..the scale was not changing and I knew my eating habits needed to change for the results I intend to have!

This has given me a boost to continue what I’m doing and not lose focus!

Veggies, Nuts, Protein + Fruit I LOVE what you’re doing to me 🙂

Paleo Rican


Pico de Gallo Scramble-Paleo


Good Morning!

I’m on day 4 of my 90 day paleo challenge and still working it! If you saw my last posting I had previously made Turkey Taco Wraps with Pico De Gallo (PDG). Basically, it’s chopped onions, green pepper, cilantro and tomato.

This morning I decided to use the rest of my PDG and make an egg scramble adding some delicious ham cubes. Feel free to add any meat or better yet meat leftovers from the night before.

On another note, I still have a lot of ground turkey meat left over from the night before as well. Luckily my co-worker Cathy, who eats a gluten free, dropped off a package of “NOoodle” on my desk….this could be handy. Unbelievably it’s only made with 3 ingredients…Water, Yam Flour and Lime…I’ve never tried it before but I’m up for the challenge. Maybe some Ground Turkey with tomato ‘pasta’?! We shall see…

Paleo Rican


No oil or butter needle, start with ham on medium heat.


scrambled eggs really never look ‘pretty’ but tasty…yes!